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A Flutter map widget inspired by Leaflet
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A Dart implementation of Leaflet for Flutter apps.


Add flutter_map to your pubspec:

  flutter_map: any # or the latest version on Pub

Configure the map using MapOptions and layer options:

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return new FlutterMap(
      options: new MapOptions(
        center: new LatLng(51.5, -0.09),
        zoom: 13.0,
      layers: [
        new TileLayerOptions(
          urlTemplate: ""
          additionalOptions: {
            'accessToken': '<PUT_ACCESS_TOKEN_HERE>',
            'id': 'mapbox.streets',
        new MarkerLayerOptions(
          markers: [
            new Marker(
              width: 80.0,
              height: 80.0,
              point: new LatLng(51.5, -0.09),
              builder: (ctx) =>
              new Container(
                child: new FlutterLogo(),

Run the example

See the example/ folder for a working example app.

To run it, in a terminal cd into the folder. Then execute ulimit -S -n 2048 (ref). Then execute flutter run with a running emulator.

Offline maps

Follow this guide to grab offline tiles
Once you have your map exported to .mbtiles, you can use mbtilesToPng to unpack into /{z}/{x}/{y}.png. Move this to Assets folder and add asset directories to pubspec.yaml. Minimum required fields for offline maps are:

Widget build(ctx) {
  return FlutterMap(
    options: MapOptions(
      center: LatLng(56.704173, 11.543808),
      zoom: 13.0,
      swPanBoundary: LatLng(56.6877, 11.5089),
      nePanBoundary: LatLng(56.7378, 11.6644),
    layers: [
        tileProvider: AssetTileProvider(),
        urlTemplate: "assets/offlineMap/{z}/{x}/{y}.png",

Make sure PanBoundaries are within offline map boundary to stop missing asset errors.
See the flutter_map_example/ folder for a working example.

Note that there is also FileTileProvider(), which you can use to load tiles from the filesystem.



For the latest roadmap, please see the Issue Tracker

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