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“The convoluted converter”

A refactoring code kata in JavaScript. Read my corresponding blog post for further background.

How to use it

convr.js is a CLI tool that converts different number formats from one base to another. Here is how you can use it:

$ node convr.js -hex 32335
> 0x7e4f

$ node convr.js -bin 0x8c
> 0b10001100

$ node convr.js -dec 0b1100
> 12

You need NodeJS 10.16.3 (or higher) to run it. If you have Docker (19.03.2 or higher), you can run make, which will spawn a container that provides the environment in which you can execute the above commands.

The task

Take the current implementation of this app and perform a non-functional refactoring. The goal is to improve code quality without changing behaviour or functionality.

Bonus tasks

  1. Add support for octal conversion, i.e. numbers prefixed with 0, e.g. 04615. The corresponding target option would be -oct.
  2. Introduce aliasing for options: e.g. -h, -x and -16 for hexadecimal (and equivalent for the other converters)
  3. Make the program’s output more user-friendly: you could make it echo the input parameters for confirmation or you could syntax-highlight the output to make it easier to tell the prefix apart from the numerical value.
  4. Introduce aliasing for the prefixes that determine the number format, like the 2r prefix for binary numbers as it is common in Clojure (e.g. 2r10011101)
  5. Experiment with alternative data structures, such as an java.lang.Optional-equivalent (for initialising variables) or monads (instead of throwing exceptions).
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