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* Add download link for Windows

* Add option to deactivate output colors/styling

* Initialise console on windows for proper ANSI support

* Remove obsolete section on terminal support on Windows

* Sort imports

* Fix syntax

* Update changelog with v2.2 changes

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klog is a plain-text file format and a command line tool for time tracking.

 ✦  DocumentationLearn how to use klog

 ✦  Changelog – See the latest changes

 ✦  Specification – Understand the file format in-depth

Get klog

In order to not miss any updates you can either subscribe to the release notifications on Github (at the top right: “Watch”→“Custom”→“Releases”), or you occasionally run klog version.


  1. Download and unzip
  2. Right-click on the binary and select “Open“ (due to Gatekeeper)
  3. Copy to path, e.g. mv klog /usr/local/bin/klog (might require sudo)


  1. Download and unzip
  2. Copy to path, e.g. mv klog /usr/local/bin/klog (might require sudo)


  1. Download and unzip
  2. Copy to path, e.g. to C:\Windows\System32 (might require admin privileges)

By the way, as an alternative you can also use the Linux binary on the Windows Subsystem for Linux.


This repository contains the specification of the klog file format as well as the sources of the command line tool.

  • Command line tool: if you have ideas, run into a problem, or just want to bounce off some feedback, feel invited to open an issue on Github so that we can discuss it.
  • File format: current state is RFC (request for comments) for version 1. Please see the Specification for further details.

The version numbers of the file format and the CLI tool are independent of each other.


klog is free and open-source software distributed under the MIT license.