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🎉 Stylish-log "A beautiful way to see your web console logs"
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A stylish console.log

Transform your console.log into a customized logs. This does not override the default console.log, it just add a new way to debug with CSS styles.

How to install

npm install stylish-log

Then you call it with import or require:

import log from 'stylish-log'


const log = require('stylish-log');

How to use

There are 4 stylish-log methods that you can use:

  • log.warn
  • log.danger

The default styles for these methods are:

const styles = {
  default: 'color: gray; font-weight: bold;',
  info: 'color: blue; font-weight: bold;',
  warn: 'color: #ffc107;',
  danger: 'color: lightcoral; font-weight: bold;'

Basic examples

See how this example are shown in console'default')();'info')();


You can pass how many values you want to stylish-log methods, if you have more than just one, the first string message becomes a "label message" for your log. Take a look:

const arrObj = [
    "obj1": "lorem value",
    "obj2": "lorem value"
    "obj1_2": "lorem value",
    "obj2_2": "lorem value"
const arr = ['arr', 'arr2', 'arr3'];

const fn = function(){
  console.log('A function');

//call stylish-log for each value passing a custom message label'label message:', arrObj)();'label message:', arr)();
log.warn('label message:', arr, arrObj)();
log.danger('label message:', fn)();

See how this example are shown in console


How to change the default style

You have total freedom to override the default styles for each method

log.styles.default = 'font-size: 14px; color: #795548; text-transform: uppercase;'; = 'font-size: 14px; background: #4fc3f7; color: white;';
log.styles.warn = 'font-size: 14px; color: black; background: linear-gradient(to right, #ffa726, #ffe0b2)';
log.styles.danger = 'font-size: 14px; color: white; text-shadow: 0 1px 0 black, 0 0 8px red;';


As you can see even gradients are supported.

Another example with images:

log.styles.default = 'background: url( left bottom no-repeat; background-size: contain; display: block; padding: 150px 80px';'')();

Assuming that the padding is respectively height and width you can set an image to console. In this case the default style was overrided and then'')() was called, passing an empty string to initiate the image log.


What about emojis? Yes you can!

log.styles.default = 'font-size: 50px;';'🐴', 'go horse')();



You should have noticed about the double ()() call from the methods in the examples. There was an initial version (not published) that you could just call the methods with single (), the reason of the double ()() are the stack trace in the console. You can see the difference between below:'testing single () call');

stack2'testing double ()() call')();



In fact, this module is just a stylish console.log which provides a simple way to customize your logs with CSS styles. You can take the same effect using the example console.log(%c My log message, 'color: gray; font-weight: bold;') this will generate the same result as'My log message')().

If you prefer an elegant and useful way to style your console, feel free to use and enjoy it.


  • Custom methods
  • Preview improvements
  • Icons

A special thanks to @UltCombo
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