YM2151 clone in verilog. FPGA proven.
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YM2151 clone in verilog. FPGA proven. (c) Jose Tejada 2016. Twitter: @topapate

Originally posted in opencores. The Github repository is now the main one.


  • jt51/doc contains documentation related to JT51 and YM2151
  • jt51/hdl contains all the Verilog source code to implement JT51 on FPGA or ASIC
  • jt51/hdl/filter contains an interpolator to use as first stage to on-chip sigma-delta DACs
  • jt51/syn contains some use case examples. It has synthesizable projects in various platforms
  • jt51/syn/xilinx/contra sound board of the arcade Contra. Checkout hdl subfolder for the verilog files


All files are in jt51/hdl. The top level file is jt51.v. You need all files in the jt51/hdl folder to synthesize or simulate the design.

Alternatively you can just use the file jt51_v1.1.v at the release folder. It contains all the necessary files concatenated inside. It is generated by the script in bin/jt51_singlefile.sh

Related projects

  • JT12: clone of YM2612
  • JT89: clone of SN76489AN More to come soon!