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LaTeX document class and template for submissions to the Journal of Object Technology (JOT)
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Class and template files for the Journal of Object Technology

This package provides the LaTeX files necessary to typeset articles for submission to the Journal of Object Technology (JOT).

Quick start

Authors just need the following files:

  • paper-template.tex: a template for new articles
  • jot.cls: the LaTeX class file defining the style

Just copy jot.cls somewhere LaTeX can find it, and start from paper-template.tex to edit your article. (Rename it appropriately.)

All other files are for the manual. jot-manual.pdf explains in detail how to use the JOT style to write articles. jot-manual.tex also serves as an extended example of using the style.


A zip download is available from the author instructions page.

The complete project resides on the JOT github repository.

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