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A dataset of conversation threads in Twitter
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Conversation Threads Twitter

We share our dataset of conversation threads yielded on Twitter. It was used in our paper published on ECIR 2018. If you want to use this dataset, please cite us. See the references at the end of this page.

Dataset description

The dataset is in a json file.

For example, an instance of a question with their candidate threads is as follows:

 't9-689': {
            'q': 'What is the highest mountain in the world?',
            'r': 'LA060190-0193 | Mt. Everest | '},
            'THREADS': {'0': ['855270972626051074', '855273460506873857'],
                        '1': ['853095581354528770']},
  • t9-689: it is a internal identification of a question used by us.

  • q: it is the questions text (obtained from TREC and curated dataset of QA, see references below).

  • r: it is the possible answers of question q. NOTE: please, omit replies such as 'LA060190-0193', because they are internals id of TREC.

  • THREADS: it is a set candidate threads that could answer the question q. Each thread is composed by the pair (key, value), where key is the relevance and the value are the candidate threads (i.e., set of tweets). In the above example, the (key, value) pair ('0', ['855270972626051074', '855273460506873857']) means that the candidate thread (composed by tweets: 855270972626051074 and 855273460506873857) has not the answer. The second thread, composed by just one tweet 853095581354528770 was annotated as '1', it means that is highly probably that the thread contains the correct answer.


The image FeaturesDescription.png describe the set of features used for the training process.



  • Herrera, Jose; Poblete, Barbara; Denis, Parra. Learning to Leverage Microblog Data for QA. In Proceeding of European Conference on Information Retrieval ECIR (2018).


        address = {Grenoble, France},
        author = {Herrera, Jose and Poblete, Barbara and Denis, Parra},
        booktitle = {Proceeding of European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR 2018)},
        title = {Learning to Leverage Microblog Data for QA},
        year = {2018}

Other references

If you have some questions, please write us to jherrera [@] dcc uchile cl.

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