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// This is an example of a taginfo config file.
// Copy it to the directory above and name it 'taginfo-config.json', then change your local settings.
// You probably want to change all these.
"instance": {
// URL prefix for the site.
"url": "http://localhost:4567",
// Used in the title of all HTML pages.
"name": "OpenStreetMap Taginfo",
// Description of this taginfo instance. Will appear on the home page and about page.
"description": "This is a <b>taginfo test instance</b>. Change this text in your <tt>taginfo-config.json</tt>.",
// Additional description that will only appear on the about page.
"about": "<p>This site is maintained by XXX.</p><p>There isn't just one taginfo site, there are several. The main site is at <a class='extlink' href=''></a>, but several <a class='extlink' href=''>other taginfo sites</a> are operated by different people.</p>",
// URL path to instance icon in the upper left.
"icon": "/img/logo/test.png",
// Contact name and email address.
"contact": "Anonymous",
// Geographical area this taginfo instance covers.
"area": "World",
// Add CORS header Access-Control-Allow-Origin with the given value
// to all /api responses. Use "" to not set this header, disallowing
// external services to use your API from a browser. Set to "*" to
// allow anybody.
"access_control_allow_origin": "*"
// For the geodistribution map. See the wiki documentation about these settings.
"geodistribution": {
"left": -180,
"bottom": -90,
"right": 180,
"top": 90,
"width": 360,
"height": 180,
"scale_image": 2,
"scale_compare_image" : 1,
"background_image": "/img/mapbg/world.png",
// optional attribution for base image, will show up below all maps
"image_attribution": ""
// "XAPI" and "JOSM" buttons on key/tag pages
"xapi": {
// XAPI/JOSM buttons are disabled if more than this many results are expected
"max_results": 1000,
// URL prefix for the XAPI/JOSM links on the key and tag pages.
"url_prefix": ""
// "overpass turbo" button on key/tag pages
"turbo": {
// if there are more objects than this with a key/tag, the normal Overpass Turbo
// will be called, if less the Wizard will be used with autorun and autozoom
"max_auto": 1000,
"url_prefix": "",
// set this to "global" or "in <area>" where <area> is a country name or other region found by Nominatim
"wizard_area": "global"
// "Level0 Editor" button on key/tag pages
"level0": {
// disable Level0 Editor button if there are more than this many objects with a key/tag
"max_results": 50,
"overpass_url_prefix": "",
"level0_url_prefix": ""
"opensearch": {
// For the OpenSearchDescription. You have to change at least the shortname and the contact for your instance.
"shortname": "Taginfo Test Instance",
"contact": "",
"description": "Find metadata about OpenStreetMap tags",
"tags": "osm openstreetmap tag tags taginfo"
"sources": {
// These sources will be downloaded from
// Note that this will NOT work for the "db" source! Well, you can download it,
// but it will fail later, because the database is changed by the master.sql
// scripts.
"download": "languages projects wiki",
// These sources will be created from the actual sources.
"create": "db",
"db": {
// Path to binaries (like 'tagstats' and 'similarity').
"bindir": "../../tagstats",
// The OSM planet file or extract where we read the OSM data from.
"planetfile": "/osm/planet/var/current-planet.osm.pbf"
// If you change any of the following you have to run the update
// twice for it to take effect.
"master": {
// Minimum number of occurances of a tag to make it
// potentially "interesting", ie. create tag combination
// statistics for it.
"min_count_tags": 10000,
// Tag combinations not appearing this often are not written to database.
"min_tag_combination_count": 1000,
// Minimum number of tag occurances for creating a map
"min_count_for_map": 1000,
// Minimum number of relations per type to make this
// relation type "interesting", ie. to make it show
// up as a relation type.
"min_count_relations_per_type": 100,
// Tokenizer for sqlite full-text search. Complex or custom
// tokenizers, e.g., icu and unicode61, may be more suitable for
// some locales. You may need newer sqlite3 or to recompile
// sqlite3 to use those tokenizers.
// See for detail.
"tokenizer": "simple"
"logging": {
// directory for log files
"directory": "/osm/taginfo/var/log",
// SQL queries longer than this many seconds are logged
"min_duration": 0.1
// For compiling tagstats.
"tagstats": {
// Extra compilerflags, for instance to find Libosmium.
"cxxflags": "-I../../../libosmium/include",
// Node location store. For really large OSM files (whole planet or large continent)
// this should be "DenseMmapArray" (or "DenseMemArray" on OSX), otherwise "SparseMemArray".
"geodistribution": "SparseMemArray",
// C++ type used for geodistribution
"geodistribution_int": "uint16_t"