Swiss railway clock for conky
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Swiss railway clock for conky

A conky clock by Jochen Keil (2013) based upon Alison Pitt's Air Clock (2009)

This clock is designed to resemble the swiss railway clock:

Wikipedia article

Animated gif:

Animated gif of railway clock

From the wikipedia article:

[..] The second hand is driven by an electrical motor independent of the master clock. It requires only about 58.5 seconds to circle the face, then the hand pauses briefly at the top of the clock. It starts a new rotation as soon as it receives the next minute impulse from the master clock [..]

This clock also rotates smoothly without "ticks". It will also stop on top for a configureable delay (look out for the global delay value).

The main drawback is resource usage. For smooth circulation, conky needs to be updated every 0.1 second. Therefore I strongly recommend to run this in a seperate conky process.

Additionally, if update_interval is larger than 1 the seconds hand is not drawn. Hence, to save battery set update_interval_on_battery to 30 or so.