The definitive notebook for coders
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The definitive notebook for coders.

Jotz is the first cross-platform and open-source notebook application. The built in code-editor supports 140+ programing languages, designed for taking notes in rich text and formatted code within the a single document. No more force-formatting code! You can organize your notes into Notebooks, and full-text search makes note retrieval quick and painless. The app is also integrated with Github for backing up your notes and publishing gists.

JotZ was written in Javascript, HTML, and SASS, using Electron (formerly Atom-Shell), ReactJS, BackboneJS, and Flux.

Code Climate


Get the application for Mac and Windows here


JotZ is open-source, and our team welcomes any input to make it the ultimate note taking tool for programmers. If you have an idea to make JotZ better for you, code that up and contribute!

Our contribution and style guides can be found in the root folder of this repo.


Note: Node version 0.10.36 is required for development. Node 0.11.x and above are NOT supported at this stage

  1. make sure to delete old node_modules and atom_shell directories
  2. make an atom_shell directory at project root (jotz/atom_shell/)
  3. if you don't have the Atom editor:
    • open the
    • open the app dropdown menu
    • select install shell commands
  4. run npm install -g node-gyp
  5. echo "export ATOM_NODE_VERSION=0.16.0" >> ~/.SHELL_CONFIG_FILE
  6. source ~/.SHELL_CONFIG_FILE
  7. cd into the src directory
  8. run apm install .
  9. run grunt build --scratch
  10. run grunt watch and in a separate Terminal window run grunt boot

Running the application (MacOSX)

From within the src directory run:

  1. If it's the first time you're building, or if you have added new dependencies to package.json, please see the setup instructions above. Otherwise grunt build
  2. run grunt watch and in a separate Terminal window run grunt boot

Run tests with: npm test (make sure you're inside the src directory)

2015 © Omar Alvarez, Raghuvir Kasturi, Clark Feusier, Ryan Leung. All Rights Reserved.