Shell Makefile
Latest commit b1b03d8 Jul 31, 2017 @joukewitteveen joukewitteveen Only touch the transient hostname
According to hostnamectl(1), network configuration should only influence the
transient hostname.

Observed and reported by Stefan (steinwanderer).


- systemd
- Bash 4.x
- GNU Coreutils
- iproute2
- resolvconf

- dhcpcd or dhclient: for DHCP support
- wpa_supplicant: for WPA support
- dialog: for the interactive assistant
- ifplugd: for automatic connection
- wpa_actiond: for automatic connection

For documentation generation:
- asciidoc

Naming Conventions for Variables:
end-user variables - CamelCase
local variables    - lower_case
other variables    - UPPER_CASE