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Joule, get it now at


A chrome extension that lightning-charges your browser with webln, giving you the ability to pay and use your node as an identity on the web.

WARNING: Joule is in early alpha, and should not be used for large mainnet funds

Install for Chrome Install for Brave Install for Firefox Opera coming soon

Project Layout

├── src                   # All source code
│   ├── app                 # The main React app, used by the other clients
│   │   ├── index.tsx         # Entry point for the app
│   │   ├── AppRoutes.tsx     # Routes used in the popup and options clients
│   │   ├── PromptRoutes.tsx  # Routes used in the prompt client
│   │   ├── components        # All reusable components
│   │   ├── lib               # Standalone libraries, potentially split into node modules
│   │   ├── modules           # Vertical slices of business logic, mostly redux code
│   │   ├── pages             # Container components for app routes
│   │   ├── prompts           # Container components for prompts
│   │   ├── static            # Static assets that are compiled and processed
│   │   ├── store             # Redux setup and configuration
│   │   ├── style             # Global or common-use styles
│   │   ├── typings           # Module typings for TypeScript
│   │   └── utils             # Miscellanious utility functions and constants
│   ├── background_script  # Extension background script
│   ├── content_script     # Extension content script, injects inpage_script and communicates with background_script
│   ├── inpage_script      # In-page injected script, manages WebLN
│   ├── options            # Options client, full screen version of the app
│   ├── popup              # Popup client, opened by clicking icon in toolbar
│   ├── prompt             # Prompt client, opened by WebLN and BOLT-11 links
│   └── webln              # WebLN implementation, injected via inpage_script
├── static             # Static assets that don't go through any processing
├── dist-dev           # Developer builds go here, not checked into git
└── dist-prod          # Production builds go here, not checked into git


  1. Run yarn install && yarn run dev
  2. Open Chrome -> More Tools -> Extensions
  3. Toggle "Developer mode" (if such a toggle exists)
  4. Click "Load unpacked"
  5. Select the joule-extension/dist-dev folder you created
  6. Get to work!

If you're also working on webln, you'll want to clone and build that repository, and run yarn link. Then come back to the joule folder and run yarn link webln.

NOTE: After making changes, you'll need to close and re-open the extension to load the latest build.

Redux DevTools:

  1. Open the extension popup or full page
  2. Right click on the background
  3. Choose Redux Devtools -> Open Remote DevTools
  4. A new window will open displaying the Redux actions list

React DevTools:

  1. Run npm install -g react-devtools
  2. Be sure to use yarn run dev to build the app
  3. Run react-devtools in a new Terminal
  4. A new window will open displaying the React vdom inspector

React Hot Reload:

  1. Run yarn run hot instead of yarn run dev


To make a production build, follow these steps

  1. Run yarn build
  2. Raw files and a zip of them will be output to dist-prod


  1. Bump the version number in package.json and static/manifest.json
  2. Create a git tag called v${version} and push it
  3. Run a build
  4. Make a new Github release, upload the build assets, write a changelog
  5. Upload the built zip to the Chrome developer dashboard, Firefox addons site, and Opera addons site


...regrettably, TBD


Please see the Contributor Guidelines on the Wiki.


  • Thanks to the MetaMask team for establishing a ton of the UX best practices for browser crypto payments.
  • Thanks to @afilini for providing a small prototype reference implementation of the extension flow.
  • Thanks to Chaincode Labs for putting together the 2018 Lightning residency, where this was born.

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