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year: 2017
month: July
day: Mon 17
Jumping on tram #1 in front of the Staatsoper (state opera house).
Circling the Ringstrasse (grand boulevard vienna ring road)
for a great tour with a public transport ticket.
Passing the Hofburg (imperial palace), Parlament,
Burggarten (imperial court's garden),
Rathaus (city council), Burgtheater (imperial court's theatre),
Vienna University, and more.
Getting off at the Vienna University stop.
Wandering to the heart of the city to the glourious
gothic Stepansdom (Stephan's cathedral).
Making my way to the Hofburg passing the Pestsäule (plague column) in the Graben
and the Michaeler Tor (St. Michael's gate). Passing the National Library and
the Imperial Sisi Apartments and Crown Jewels.
Crossing the Ringstrasse to the Kunsthistorisches Museum (national art gallery) - home
to a breath-taking art collection. Must see!
The (Great) Babel Tower by Pieter Bruegel the Elder (c.1525-1530 - 1569)
and the Geographer by Johannes Vermeer (1668 – 1669).
Recharging at 7 Stern Bräu in Neubau with a Gulash[^1] and beers brewed-on-location
with Vienna's fine tap water (from the Austrian Mountains).
Trying 7 Stern Märzen (5.1%, 13.5°),
7 Stern Weizen Classic (5.2%, 12.7°),
7 Stern Prager Dunkles (4.5%, 12.1°) and
today's special 7 Stern Smoked Porter (5.3%, 13.8°). Cheers. Prost.
[^1]: Goulash (Hungarian: gulyás [ˈɡujaːʃ]) is a soup or stew of meat and vegetables, seasoned with paprika and other spices.
day: Tue 18
Visiting the imperial palace Schönbrunn - the former summer residence
of the Habsburg family.
Taking an inside tour of the 1 441-room baroque palace.
Enjoying the Neptune Fountain and sculptures in the public garden.
Heading back to the city to explore Schloss Belvedere - another
unequalled baroque palace. Entering the art collection.
Must see! The Kiss by Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) -
a symbol of Vienna Jugendstil (Viennese Art Nouveau).
Recharging at Salm Bräu (Rennweg 8)
with Schinkenfleckerl (Austrian noodles with ham)
and beers brewed-on-location.
Trying Salm 1842 Pils (5.0%, 12.5°),
Salm Wiener Märzen (5.0%, 12.5°),
Salm Böhmisch Dunkles (5.0%, 12.5°)
and today's special Salm Burning Hell (4.9%, 12.2°). Cheers. Prost.
day: Wed 19
Visiting the Sigmund Freud Museum in Bergstrasse 9. Too much culture -
need a beer therapy soon.
Passing through the Palais Lichtenstein to the
Beaver Brewing Co. (Liechtensteinstraße 69).
Trying a 6-sample beer flight:
Beaver Blue Ribbon, Wry Pale Ale,
Late Summer IPA,
Witty Bastard Witbier,
Charlie Brown Ale,
Brave Lion Golden Strong Ale.
Heading to the Highlander (Sobieskiplatz 4) -
brewing Vienna's first and oldest porter - the
Highlander Stout. Let's try an unfiltered lager too - the Highlander Märzen Zwickl.
Last therapy stop - recharging in the Biergarten at Lichtenthaler Bräu
(Lichtensteinstraße 108). Sampling a Lichtenthaler Helles,
Lichtenthaler West Coast P.A.,
Lichtenthaler Dark U.S. Lager and
Lichtenthaler Dinkel Leicht.