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Build cross-platform apps for voice and beyond.


  1. 🔈 The React for Voice and Chat: Build Apps for Alexa, Google Assistant, Messenger, Instagram, the Web, and more

    TypeScript 1.6k 294

  2. jovo-cli Public

    🛠 Command Line Interface for the Jovo Framework: Makes voice experience deployment a breeze, including features like local development and staging.

    TypeScript 57 31

  3. jovo-model Public

    💬 A language model abstraction layer that works across NLU providers, including Alexa, Dialogflow, LUIS, Rasa, and more

    TypeScript 17 11

  4. learn-jovo Public

    📝 News and tutorials about developing Alexa Skills and Google Actions with Jovo

    42 32

  5. 💬 Code Patterns and Templates for Jovo Voice Apps

    JavaScript 27 30

  6. ⚡️ Chrome Extension for faster testing in the Alexa Skill Simulator

    JavaScript 37 8