⚡️ Chrome Extension for faster testing in the Alexa Skill Simulator
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Alexa Skills Kit Console Chrome Extension

Speed up Alexa Skill testing in the Alexa Skill Console

Alexa Skill Developer Console Simulator Chrome Extension

Tired of typing countless commands into the Alexa Simulator?

  • Click "resend" next to a message instead of typing again
  • Save messages into buttons


  1. Clone or download this repository and unzip it: https://github.com/jovotech/ask-console-chrome-extension/archive/master.zip
  2. Go to your Chrome extensions either through the menue or by pasting this into your browser: //chrome://extensions/
  3. Click Load unpacked and upload the unzipped folder
  4. Go to the Alexa Developer Console at https://developer.amazon.com/alexa/console/ask and try it out with one of your Skills!

Want to learn how to build Alexa Skills with Jovo? Check out our tutorial 👉 https://www.jovo.tech/tutorials/alexa-skill-tutorial-nodejs