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Built with Jovo

List of Voice Apps built with the Jovo Framework

Voice Apps


  • Green Guru (Alexa Skill): Green Guru tells users their waste collection schedule for the City of Toronto, ON, Canada. Users can quickly and easily find out which bins (garbage, recycling, etc.) are being picked up every week and on which day. By
  • Panda Rescue (Alexa Skill): Help a rescued baby panda grow up and be released back into the wild in this voice based adventure game! by
  • Epic Battle (Alexa Skill): Launch an epic battle between any two people or celebrities you can think of! by Speakway
  • Black Twelve (Alexa Skill): Black Twelve is exactly like Black Jack, with dice... And you go for 12 instead of 21. Let your trusted dealer Alexa bring the casino experience to your home! by Florian Hollandt
  • Kilt Sayings (Alexa Skill): A skill for Crowne Point Theatre, a new movie theatre in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. by Speakway
  • Crown Point Theatre (Alexa Skill): Listen to Kevin (KT) the Kiltman's famous sayings from the Kiltology books! by Speakway
  • Sun Valley Mountain Report (Alexa Skill, Google Action): Sun Valley Resort winter mountain conditions and snow report for Bald Mountain and Dollar Mountain. by Octavio Menocal for Sun Valley Company
  • Pushup Challenge (Alexa Skill): Get to 100 Pushups in a row with the Pushup Challenge Alexa Skill, by Jan König
  • 5 Minuten GYMONDO Workout (Alexa Skill): GYMONDO - Dein Fitness Training für Zuhause. by Jovo Studios for Gymondo GmbH
  • Coinbase Price (Alexa Skill, Google Action): Pulls the latest market data for all the cryptocurrencies currently listed on the GDAX exchange. by Zach Nagengast
  • Voice Pokedex (unofficial) (Alexa Skill): Pokémon Pokédex meets voice technology. Ask Voice Pokédex to lookup a number and it will tell you the Pokémon's name, description, and picture (on Echo Show), by Diego Martín for Bespoken
  • ClickUp (Alexa Skill, Google Action): Enable the ClickUp Skill to create tasks, list tasks due today, tomorrow, and overdue tasks. by Octavio Menocal for Mango Technologies
  • Our Society (Alexa Skill): Get name and phone number of your representative and also find out what are your upcoming elections. by
  • Vision Australia (Google Action): Vision Australia provides information about our retail stores, library, contacts, eligibility and organisation information. by Octavio Menocal for Vision Australia
  • Riddle of the Day (Alexa Skill): Riddle of the Day plays you a new riddle every morning for you to try and solve before the answer is revealed every evening. by
  • Age Smart (Alexa Skill, Google Action): Age Smart is an assistant designed for senior citizens. Core functionality is split into three areas: alerts when you need them, memory improvement, and wellness of mind & body. by Octavio Menocal for Age Smart
  • Shout for Nicaragua (Alexa Skill, Google Action): Shout for Nicaragua explains day by day what's happening in the protests against the government of Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua 2018. You can ask for a specific day, like day 1, or day 20, and you'll hear the facts of every day. by Octavio Menocal.
  • Smarty Pants Trivia (Alexa Skill): Answer hundreds of questions against friends & family and prove once and for all you are the ultimate smarty pants. by Octavio Menocal for QPAmerica
  • My Slackenger (Alexa Skill): The user can post a message on desired public channel on slack from Alexa.

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