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Jovo Web Starter: Chat Widget

Fully customizable open source chat widget that can be added to any website.

Built with the Jovo Framework, Vue.js 2, and Tailwind CSS.

Jovo Chat Widget

Support Jovo by starring our main repo or joining our Open Collective.

Getting Started

  1. Download starter

    Clone this repository and install the dependencies:

    git clone
    cd jovo-starter-web-chatwidget
    npm install
  2. Start client (Vue.js)

     $ cd client
     # Start Vue frontend
     $ npm run serve
  3. Start app (Jovo) In a new tab:

    $ cd app
    # Start Jovo development server
    $ npm run start:dev
  4. Open the starter in your browser at http://localhost:8080.

How it works

Jovo Web Client to App

This repository contains:


The starter was built for you to have a working example as well as an entry point to get started with the Jovo Web integration.

The following documentation will help you understand how the starter is structured and which components take care of which tasks.


The client is a Vue.js project that consists of a single component "ChatWidget" which is styled in Tailwind CSS.

If you are new to Vue.js and want to develop your website starting with this project, you can take a look at the Vue.js guide here. This will give you a quick start to how Vue.js works, so you can start creating right away.


The Jovo app utilizes the new Jovo Web Platform integration as well as NLP.js as its NLU. It implements a simple interaction where the user can be redirected to the Jovo Framework's documentation.

Language Model

The language model consists of two intents, HelloWorldIntent and YesIntent, used to implement the sample interaction.



Take a look at the Vue deployment docs here.

To integrate the Jovo Chat Widget into your existing project, you can use the npm script build inside of the client/ directory. This will produce a bundle in a dedicated dist/ directory, containing the whole Vue.js client with minified HTML, CSS and JavaScript, ready for dynamic integration into any website.


You can host your Jovo app on almost any platform, whether you choose a hosting provider or to build your own Node.js-based HTTP server. Here are a few examples:

About Jovo

Jovo is the most popular development framework for voice, including platforms like Alexa, Google Assistant, and the web.