Generate an exim forward file to create mailing lists for each owncloud group
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Owncloud/Nextcloud mailinglist generator

Generate an exim forward file to create mailing lists for each owncloud/nextcloud group.

This perl script creates an exim forwardfile $HOME/.forward, based on the users and groups in an owncloud/nextcloud installation. It uses the Owncloud User Provisioning API to access information about users and groups. An optional system.filter (see example file in repository) can be used with exim to modify mails before forwarding them.

For each group groupname, it creates a mailinglist, i.e., mails sent to are forwarded to each member of the group groupname. You can also define, that a mailinglist is private, which means, that only members of the group are allowed to send mail to A catch-all definition is possible, that sends all mail to which does not match any group to a specific recipient.

Script usage is as follows: --user|-u <username> --pass|-p <password> --host|-h <hostname> [--catch-all <email>] [--private <private-list-id>] [--verbose|-v] [--help|-?]

  • username is an owncloud admin user (required)
  • password is the corresponding password (required)
  • hostname is the owncloud hostname (required)
  • email specifies an optional catch-all email address (optional)
  • private-list-id defines an specific group as private (optional, can be specified multiple times)

Example: -u admin -p secret -h --private intern --private workgroup

To periodically update the forward file just put the script in your cronfile.