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Joxa is a small semantically clean, functional lisp. It is a general-purpose language encouraging interactive development and a functional programming style. Joxa runs on the Erlang Virtual Machine. Like other Lisps, Joxa treats code as data and has a full (unhygienic) macro system.

Joxa (pronounced 'jocksah') isn't Erlang, though its very compatible. Its not Clojure though there is plenty of shared syntax. It's not Common Lisp though that is the source of the macro system. While Joxa shares elements of many languages, it is its own specific language. of all these languages, and knowing these languages will help you get up to speed with Joxa, but it is its own unique language.


More information can be found on the Joxa Website and the Joxa Manual. Install instructions are in INSTALL.md colocated with this Readme. Of course, the canonical source for all docs and code is the github repo