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Installing Joxa

The easiest way by far to install joxa is to simply download it from the github site. This will give you an executable file that will serve as your shell and compiler (see the manual). However, if you would like to build from the repository there are a few things you should do.


$> make get-deps
$> make test
$> make escript
$> mv ./_build/joxa/escript/joxa <someplace-in-the-path>

Get The Dependencies

Joxa has several compile time dependencies and one two time dependencies.

Compile Time Dependencies

Runtime Dependencies

You can pull all of these down build them and put them somewhere in your erlang path (ERL_LIBS). However, there is a rule in the make file that will do this as well. Just run

$> make get-deps

Running The Tests

Make sure you run the tests, otherwise how will you know if it works?

$> make test

Executable File (escript)

Finally build the escript. This will give you a binary executable that you can use to run joxa.

$> make escript

Then you can just mv the executable to some place in your path.

$> mv ./_build/joxa/escript/joxa <someplace-in-the-path>

OTP Application

If you would like to have access to the OTP application to use as a dependency you might want to move the built application to someplace in your ERL_LIBS path. This is located in _build/joxa/lib/joxa-