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+__Joxa is a small semantically clean, functional lisp__. It is a
+general-purpose language encouraging interactive development and a
+functional programming style. Joxa runs on the Erlang Virtual
+Machine. Like other Lisps, Joxa treats code as data and has a full
+(unhygienic) macro system.
+Joxa (pronounced 'jocksah') isn't Erlang, though its very
+compatible. Its not Clojure though there is plenty of shared
+syntax. It's not Common Lisp though that is the source of the macro
+system. While Joxa shares elements of many languages, it is its own
+specific language. of all these languages, and knowing these
+languages will help you get up to speed with Joxa, but it is its own
+unique language.
+More information can be found on the
+[Joxa Website]( and the
+[Joxa Manual]( Install instructions are in colocated with this Readme. Of course, the canonical source
+for all docs and code is the
+[github repo](

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