A hexo theme modified from SANOGRAPHIX.NET
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Hexo theme: Apollo

This hexo theme is modified from SANOGRAPHIX.NET

Original (Tumblr theme)



Run this command from inside your hexo project

$ git clone https://github.com/joyceim/hexo-theme-apollo.git themes/apollo

Apollo requires Hexo 2.4 and above.


cd themes/apollo
git pull


# Header
    Home: /
    Archives: /archives
rss: /atom.xml

# Content
excerpt_link: Read More
fancybox: true

# Miscellaneous
favicon: /favicon.png
  • menu - Navigation menu
  • rss - RSS link
  • excerpt_link - "Read More" link at the bottom of excerpted articles. false to hide the link.
  • fancybox - Enable Fancybox
  • google_analytics - Google Analytics ID
  • favicon - Favicon path