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Scripts used for creating an lx-brand CentOS image
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CentOS lx-brand Image Builder

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This is a collection of scripts used for creating an LX-brand CentOS image.


In order to use these scripts you'll need:

  • A CentOS running in a KVM virtual machine or bare metal (required for the install script) with git installed. Running install in a CentOs lx-brand zone is not supported. The major version of the CentOS machine you use to run the install script must be the same as the version you intend to install in the chroot directory (e.g., if you want to install CentOS 6, your host machine should also be CentOS 6)
  • A SmartOS (or SDC headnode) install (required for the create-lx-image script)


Create a CentOS install tarball via the install script

On a CentOS 6.x machine, do the following:

  1. Clone this repo to your CentOS machine: git clone
  2. Change to the repo directoru: cd centos-lx-brand-image-builder
  3. Run ./install -d <chroot> -m <mirror> -i <image name> -p <proper name> -u <image docs> to install CentOS 6.X in a given directory. This will create a tarball of the installation in your working directory (named <image name>-$YYMMDD.tar.gz). See ./install -h for detailed usage.

Create an lx brand image with the create-lx-image script

On a SmartOS in the global zone.

  1. Clone this repo (if you have git installed) or download and upack it
  2. Copy the tarball you created above to your SmartOS machine or SDC headnode and run ./create-lx-image -t /full/path/to/<image name>-<YYMMDD>.tar.gz (substituting the name of your tar file). This will create the image file and manifest.
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