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        "asi": true,
        "adsafe": false, // if ADsafe should be enforced
        "bitwise": true, // if bitwise operators should not be allowed
        "browser": false, // if the standard browser globals should be predefined
        "cap": false, // if upper case HTML should be allowed
        "css": false, // if CSS workarounds should be tolerated
        "debug": false, // if debugger statements should be allowed
        "devel": false, // if logging should be allowed (console, alert, etc.)
        "eqeqeq": true, // if === should be required
        "es5": true, // if ES5 syntax should be allowed
        "evil": false, // if eval should be allowed
        "forin": false, // if for in statements must filter
        "fragment": false, // if HTML fragments should be allowed
        "immed": true, // if immediate invocations must be wrapped in parens
        "laxbreak": true, // if line breaks should not be checked
        "newcap": true, // if constructor names must be capitalized
        "nomen": false, // if names should be checked
        "on": false, // if HTML event handlers should be allowed
        "onevar": false, // if only one var statement per function should be allowed
        "passfail": false, // if the scan should stop on first error
        "plusplus": false, // if increment/decrement should not be allowed
        "regexp": true, // if the . should not be allowed in regexp literals
        "rhino": false, // if the Rhino environment globals should be predefined
        "undef": true, // if variables should be declared before used
        "safe": false, // if use of some browser features should be restricted
        "windows": false, // if MS Windows-specific globals should be predefined
        "strict": false, // require the "use strict"; pragma
        "sub": false, // if all forms of subscript notation are tolerated
        "white": false, // if strict whitespace rules apply
        "widget": false, // if the Yahoo Widgets globals should be predefined
        "indent": 0, // set the expected indentation level
        "maxlen": 80, // maximum line length
        "regexp": false, // don't complain about insecure regexps
        "curly": true, // require curlies around one-line blocks

        // the names of predefined global variables: the following are defined by nodejs itself
        "predef": ["exports", "module", "require", "process", "__filename", "__dirname", "global", "console", "setInterval", "setTimeout", "clearInterval", "clearTimeout"],

        "nodejs": true
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