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This repository is part of the Joyent SmartDataCenter project (SDC). For contribution guidelines, issues, and general documentation, visit the main SDC project page.


convertvm - Convert VM images into Smart Datacenter dataset manifests.


convertvm [-dhnouv] inputvm.ovf-directory


Virtual Machine images may be represented by various formats. convertvm takes as input a VM (virtual machine) or VA (or virtual appliace) and can output a binary dataset that can be imported into SDC (Smart Data Center).

convertvm accepts as input OVF (Open Virtualization Format) files. It outputs a .dsmanifest and .zfs.bz2 file to the output-directory specified at invocation.


General options

-a/--assets-url <assets-url>
     Set the location where this dataset's file will be available.

Dataset Override Options

-n/--ds-manifest <name>
     (Mandatory): Set the dataset name. (ie. myvm)

-o/--ds-os <os>
     (Mandatory): Set the dataset operating system. (ie. linux, windows, smartos, etc.)

-v/--ds-version <version>
     Set the dataset version. (ie. 1.0.0)

-d/--ds-description <description>
     Set the dataset description. Maximum of 256 characters.

-N/--ds-nic-driver <pcnet|e1000|...>
     Set the nic driver.

-D/--ds-disk-driver <virtio|ide|...>
     Set the dataset disk driver


  • Only OVF-1.0 is supported.
  • Only one VM per OVF file is supported.
  • Only one Disk per OVF VM is supported.



MPL-2.0 (See LICENSE file)