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Scripts used for creating an lx-brand Debian image
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Debian lx-brand Image Builder

Build Status (shecllcheck)

This is a collection of scripts used for creating an lx-brand Debian image.


In order to use these scripts you'll need:

  • Debian running in a VM or bare metal (required for the install script)
  • debootstrap: apt-get install -y debootstrap
  • git: apt-get install -y git
  • A SmartOS (or SDC headnode) install (required for the create-lx-image script)


  1. Run ./install -d <chroot> -m <mirror> -i <image name> -p <proper name> -u <image docs uunder Debian to install Debian 7 in a given directory. This will create a tarball of the installation in your working directory (named <image name>-<YYMMDD>.tar.gz). See ./install -h for detailed usage.
  2. Copy the tarball to a SmartOS machine or SDC headnode and run ./create-lx-image -t /full/path/to/<image name>-<YYMMDD>.tar.gz (substituting the name of your tar file). This will create the image file and manifest.
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