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99c0850 @bnoordhuis test: abort(), don't exit()
bnoordhuis authored
1 core
97d4572 @ry Remove "ebb_message" object from libebb's parser.
ry authored
2 tags
3 *.o
4 test
443a6ea @ry Use _g for the debug build
ry authored
5 test_g
3bd18a7 @pgriess IS_* macros for char classes.
pgriess authored
6 test_fast
624a4b4 Add url_parser tool
Bertrand Paquet authored
7 url_parser
f4053c7 @bnoordhuis .gitignore gyp build artifacts
bnoordhuis authored
8 *.mk
9 *.Makefile
0067f54 @ErikDubbelboer Ignoring .so files
ErikDubbelboer authored
10 *.so
4d7b5dc @ErikDubbelboer ignore output of package build
ErikDubbelboer authored
11 *.a
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