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  • v2.1

    Ben Noordhuis (11):
          build: compile strict and non-strict tests
          build: add default build flags to gyp script
          gitignore: ignore gyp build dir
          Remove HTTP_PARSER_DEBUG macro.
          test: use error-checking strncat/strncpy replacements
          test: fix buffer overflow in large header test
          Update AUTHORS
          Update AUTHORS and .mailmap
          Move url_parser.c to contrib/
          Update AUTHORS and .mailmap
          Bump to version 2.1
    Corey Richardson (4):
          Fix IPv6 address parsing.
          Fix unmatched quote in dump_url output.
          Add a simple utility to dump events as they happen
          doc: add travis build status link
    James McLaughlin (1):
          Fix MSVS 2005 and 2008 missing size_t typdef.
    Peter Faiman (1):
          fix old references to on_path
    Thomas LE ROUX (1):
          Update AUTHORS
    Tóth Tamás (1):
          Add on_status_complete callback.
  • v2.0

    Andre Caron (1):
          Fixes build on MSVC.
    Andre Louis Caron (1):
          docs: fix broken URL in README
    Ben Noordhuis (21):
          Single-bit bitfield 'upgrade' should be unsigned.
          Don't use 'inline'.
          Make content_length unsigned, add overflow checks.
          Add AUTHORS and .mailmap files.
          Eat CRLF between requests, even on connection:close.
          Update AUTHORS
          Support PURGE request method.
          .gitignore gyp build artifacts
          docs: update links to examples
          Remove unused struct http_parser_result from header.
          test: abort(), don't exit()
          Replace HTTP methods enum with X-macro map.
          Create method_strings array with HTTP_METHOD_MAP macro.
          Don't assert() on whitespace in URL.
          Fix bad http_should_keep_alive() comment.
          Make http_should_keep_alive() const correct.
          Add bounds check to http_method_str().
          Update AUTHORS
          Turn normal_url_char into a bit array.
          Update AUTHORS
          Bump to version 2.0
    Bertrand Paquet (14):
          Check host on url with hostname:port
          Add url_parser tool
          Refactor host parsing to allow basic auth management
          User info implementation
          Add tests on user info
          Small refactoring, add edge cases
          Add tests
          Coding style improvment
          Use new state instead of pointer
          Use fixed_length printf instead of copying data and do null-termination
          Minor speed improvment
          Rename s_req_host* to be compliant with RFC 2396
          Coding style : remove space before ++
          Add a comment
    BogDan Vatra (1):
          Add "int http_body_is_final(const http_parser *parser)" method.
    Cliff Frey (2):
          Fix build when char is unsigned by default.
          remove unused LOWER(ch)
    David Gwynne (4):
          Fix http_parser_parse_url for urls like "http://host/path".
          implement parsing of v6 addresses and rejection of 0-length host and ports.
          allow extra ? at the beginning of a query_string.
          fix non-CONNECT tests missing port/hostname bits
    Erik Dubbelboer (3):
          Ignoring .so files
          Merge branch 'master', remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
          ignore output of package build
    Felix Geisendörfer (1):
          Accept HTTP/0.9 responses
    Fouad Mardini (1):
          rename parser->errno to parser->http_errno; conflicts with errno.h where errno is defined as a macro
    Ivo Raisr (1):
          http_parser_init does not clear status_code
    James McLaughlin (2):
          Use "" instead of <> for the http_parser.h include.
          Make size_t and ssize_t Windows typedefs more appropriate
    Jon Kolb (3):
          Return error when bad method starts with M or C
          Allow uppercase chars in IS_ALPHANUM
          Group POST refinements, test all request methods, make IS_ALPHA use LOWER internally
    LE ROUX Thomas (1):
          build: add shared libraries target
    Martell Malone (1):
          test: %zu to %lu for msvcrt fixes for Mingw64
    Nathan Rajlich (2):
          test.c: fix off-by-one on the requests test cases
          add support for "SEARCH" request methods
    Paul Querna (1):
          Move all data to before code to fix http parser for c89.
    Peter Griess (15):
          Expose F_* flags as public API.
          IS_* macros for char classes.
          Fix off-by-one in handling upgrade bodies.
          Fix minor compilation bug introduced by merge.
          Facility to report detailed parsing errors.
          Re-jigger Makefile.
          Break out errno into its own field.
          Get rid of CALLBACK_NOCLEAR().
          API CHANGE: Remove path, query, fragment CBs.
          Cleanup doc references to removed CBs.
          Remove some chars from tokens[] per RFC.
          Add http_parser_parse_url().
          Get HTTP/1.1 message length logic working for HTTP/1.0
          Don't wait for EOF on 0-length KA messages.
          Implement http_parser_pause().
    Randy Rizun (1):
          removed obsolete CB_path, CB_query_string and CB_fragment
    Ryan Dahl (8):
          It was pointed out we're missing attribution to NGINX
          HTTP_STRICT ifdefs out behavior introduced in 50b9bec
          Number HOSTNAME_UNDERSCORE test
          Support PATCH method
          Add GYP file for integration into GYP projects.
          Support MSVS
          Peter Bright's VC fixes
          Fix compilation on MSVC 2008 which doesn't bundle stdint.h
    Salman Haq (1):
          Add 'package' target in Makefile which produces libhttp_parser.a
    Sean Cunningham (1):
          Support multi-line folding in header values.
    Simon Zimmermann (1):
          Correct misspelling in http_parser.h
    Tim Becker (1):
          moved unecessary lookup
    koichik (1):
          Fix response body is not read
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