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--- rsync.1 Thu Sep 17 01:30:37 2009
+++ Thu Sep 17 01:32:44 2009
@@ -1213,9 +1213,8 @@
up less space on the destination. Conflicts with \fB\-\-inplace\fP because it's
not possible to overwrite data in a sparse fashion.
-NOTE: Don't use this option when the destination is a Solaris \(lqtmpfs\(rq
-filesystem. It doesn't seem to handle seeks over null regions
-correctly and ends up corrupting the files.
+NOTE: This option has no effect if the destination is a Solaris "tmpfs"
+filesystem. The files won't be sparse\&.
.IP "\fB\-n, \-\-dry\-run\fP"
This makes rsync perform a trial run that doesn't
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