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OS-2207 openlldp should remove files before it installs

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rmustacc committed May 9, 2013
1 parent 1f63d09 commit b8716d23e9120c187ca20db343dad553c2b81e50
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@@ -32,6 +32,9 @@ all: all_autoconf
install: all
mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)/usr/sbin
rm -f $(DESTDIR)/usr/sbin/lldpd
rm -f $(DESTDIR)/usr/sbin/lldpneighbors
rm -f $(DESTDIR)/lib/svc/manifest/network/lldpd.xml
install -s -m 555 -f $(DESTDIR)/usr/sbin $(VER.32)/src/lldpd
install -s -m 555 -f $(DESTDIR)/usr/sbin $(VER.32)/src/lldpneighbors
install -s -m 444 -f $(DESTDIR)/lib/svc/manifest/network lldpd.xml

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