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OS-1381 incorrect isaexec binaries

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1 parent d6b1b54 commit 15f18d041e0956bcc554920314c616e35ed5c0a6 @jjelinek jjelinek committed
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@@ -235,7 +235,6 @@ f usr/gnu/share/doc/ncurses/README 0444 root bin
f usr/bin/ginfocmp 0755 root bin
s usr/gnu/bin/infocmp=../../bin/ginfocmp
s usr/gnu/bin/tic=../../bin/gtic
-s usr/bin/amd64/gcaptoinfo=gtic
s usr/bin/gcaptoinfo=gtic
s usr/bin/ginfotocap=gtic
f usr/bin/gtic 0755 root bin

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