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#ifndef __HPET__
#define __HPET__ 1
struct hpet_info {
unsigned long hi_ireqfreq; /* Hz */
unsigned long hi_flags; /* information */
unsigned short hi_hpet;
unsigned short hi_timer;
#define HPET_INFO_PERIODIC 0x0001 /* timer is periodic */
#define HPET_IE_ON _IO('h', 0x01) /* interrupt on */
#define HPET_IE_OFF _IO('h', 0x02) /* interrupt off */
#define HPET_INFO _IOR('h', 0x03, struct hpet_info)
#define HPET_EPI _IO('h', 0x04) /* enable periodic */
#define HPET_DPI _IO('h', 0x05) /* disable periodic */
#define HPET_IRQFREQ _IOW('h', 0x6, unsigned long) /* IRQFREQ usec */
#endif /* !__HPET__ */
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