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- cycle counter for all archs
- cpu_interrupt() win32/SMP fix
- merge PIC spurious interrupt patch
- warning for OS/2: must not use 128 MB memory (merge bochs cmos patch ?)
- config file (at least for windows/Mac OS X)
- update doc: PCI infos.
- basic VGA optimizations
- better code fetch
- do not resize vga if invalid size.
- TLB code protection support for PPC
- disable SMC handling for ARM/SPARC/PPC (not finished)
- see undefined flags for BTx insn
- keyboard output buffer filling timing emulation
- tests for each target CPU
- fix all remaining thread lock issues (must put TBs in a specific invalid
state, find a solution for tb_flush()).
ppc specific:
- TLB invalidate not needed if msr_pr changes
- enable shift optimizations ?
linux-user specific:
- remove threading support as it cannot work at this point
- improve IPC syscalls
- more syscalls (in particular all 64 bit ones, IPCs, fix 64 bit
issues, fix 16 bit uid issues)
- use kernel traps for unaligned accesses on ARM ?
lower priority:
- int15 ah=86: use better timing
- use -msoft-float on ARM
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