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/* PCMCIA/Cardbus */
#include "qemu-common.h"
typedef struct {
qemu_irq irq;
int attached;
const char *slot_string;
const char *card_string;
} PCMCIASocket;
void pcmcia_socket_register(PCMCIASocket *socket);
void pcmcia_socket_unregister(PCMCIASocket *socket);
void pcmcia_info(Monitor *mon);
struct PCMCIACardState {
void *state;
PCMCIASocket *slot;
int (*attach)(void *state);
int (*detach)(void *state);
const uint8_t *cis;
int cis_len;
/* Only valid if attached */
uint8_t (*attr_read)(void *state, uint32_t address);
void (*attr_write)(void *state, uint32_t address, uint8_t value);
uint16_t (*common_read)(void *state, uint32_t address);
void (*common_write)(void *state, uint32_t address, uint16_t value);
uint16_t (*io_read)(void *state, uint32_t address);
void (*io_write)(void *state, uint32_t address, uint16_t value);
#define CISTPL_DEVICE 0x01 /* 5V Device Information Tuple */
#define CISTPL_NO_LINK 0x14 /* No Link Tuple */
#define CISTPL_VERS_1 0x15 /* Level 1 Version Tuple */
#define CISTPL_JEDEC_C 0x18 /* JEDEC ID Tuple */
#define CISTPL_JEDEC_A 0x19 /* JEDEC ID Tuple */
#define CISTPL_CONFIG 0x1a /* Configuration Tuple */
#define CISTPL_CFTABLE_ENTRY 0x1b /* 16-bit PCCard Configuration */
#define CISTPL_DEVICE_OC 0x1c /* Additional Device Information */
#define CISTPL_DEVICE_OA 0x1d /* Additional Device Information */
#define CISTPL_DEVICE_GEO 0x1e /* Additional Device Information */
#define CISTPL_DEVICE_GEO_A 0x1f /* Additional Device Information */
#define CISTPL_MANFID 0x20 /* Manufacture ID Tuple */
#define CISTPL_FUNCID 0x21 /* Function ID Tuple */
#define CISTPL_FUNCE 0x22 /* Function Extension Tuple */
#define CISTPL_END 0xff /* Tuple End */
#define CISTPL_ENDMARK 0xff
/* dscm1xxxx.c */
PCMCIACardState *dscm1xxxx_init(DriveInfo *bdrv);
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