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#ifndef HW_INTEL_HDA_H
#define HW_INTEL_HDA_H
#include "qdev.h"
/* --------------------------------------------------------------------- */
/* hda bus */
typedef struct HDACodecBus HDACodecBus;
typedef struct HDACodecDevice HDACodecDevice;
typedef struct HDACodecDeviceInfo HDACodecDeviceInfo;
typedef void (*hda_codec_response_func)(HDACodecDevice *dev,
bool solicited, uint32_t response);
typedef bool (*hda_codec_xfer_func)(HDACodecDevice *dev,
uint32_t stnr, bool output,
uint8_t *buf, uint32_t len);
struct HDACodecBus {
BusState qbus;
uint32_t next_cad;
hda_codec_response_func response;
hda_codec_xfer_func xfer;
struct HDACodecDevice {
DeviceState qdev;
HDACodecDeviceInfo *info;
uint32_t cad; /* codec address */
struct HDACodecDeviceInfo {
DeviceInfo qdev;
int (*init)(HDACodecDevice *dev);
int (*exit)(HDACodecDevice *dev);
void (*command)(HDACodecDevice *dev, uint32_t nid, uint32_t data);
void (*stream)(HDACodecDevice *dev, uint32_t stnr, bool running);
void hda_codec_bus_init(DeviceState *dev, HDACodecBus *bus,
hda_codec_response_func response,
hda_codec_xfer_func xfer);
void hda_codec_register(HDACodecDeviceInfo *info);
HDACodecDevice *hda_codec_find(HDACodecBus *bus, uint32_t cad);
void hda_codec_response(HDACodecDevice *dev, bool solicited, uint32_t response);
bool hda_codec_xfer(HDACodecDevice *dev, uint32_t stnr, bool output,
uint8_t *buf, uint32_t len);
/* --------------------------------------------------------------------- */
#define dprint(_dev, _level, _fmt, ...) \
do { \
if (_dev->debug >= _level) { \
fprintf(stderr, "%s: ", _dev->name); \
fprintf(stderr, _fmt, ## __VA_ARGS__); \
} \
} while (0)
/* --------------------------------------------------------------------- */
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