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#ifndef QEMU_SH_H
#define QEMU_SH_H
/* Definitions for SH board emulation. */
#include "sh_intc.h"
#define A7ADDR(x) ((x) & 0x1fffffff)
#define P4ADDR(x) ((x) | 0xe0000000)
/* sh7750.c */
struct SH7750State;
struct SH7750State *sh7750_init(CPUState * cpu);
typedef struct {
/* The callback will be triggered if any of the designated lines change */
uint16_t portamask_trigger;
uint16_t portbmask_trigger;
/* Return 0 if no action was taken */
int (*port_change_cb) (uint16_t porta, uint16_t portb,
uint16_t * periph_pdtra,
uint16_t * periph_portdira,
uint16_t * periph_pdtrb,
uint16_t * periph_portdirb);
} sh7750_io_device;
int sh7750_register_io_device(struct SH7750State *s,
sh7750_io_device * device);
/* sh_timer.c */
#define TMU012_FEAT_TOCR (1 << 0)
#define TMU012_FEAT_3CHAN (1 << 1)
#define TMU012_FEAT_EXTCLK (1 << 2)
void tmu012_init(target_phys_addr_t base, int feat, uint32_t freq,
qemu_irq ch0_irq, qemu_irq ch1_irq,
qemu_irq ch2_irq0, qemu_irq ch2_irq1);
/* sh_serial.c */
#define SH_SERIAL_FEAT_SCIF (1 << 0)
void sh_serial_init (target_phys_addr_t base, int feat,
uint32_t freq, CharDriverState *chr,
qemu_irq eri_source,
qemu_irq rxi_source,
qemu_irq txi_source,
qemu_irq tei_source,
qemu_irq bri_source);
/* sh7750.c */
qemu_irq sh7750_irl(struct SH7750State *s);
/* tc58128.c */
int tc58128_init(struct SH7750State *s, const char *zone1, const char *zone2);
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