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#ifndef HW_SYSBUS_H
#define HW_SYSBUS_H 1
/* Devices attached directly to the main system bus. */
#include "qdev.h"
#define QDEV_MAX_MMIO 32
#define QDEV_MAX_PIO 32
#define QDEV_MAX_IRQ 256
typedef struct SysBusDevice SysBusDevice;
typedef void (*mmio_mapfunc)(SysBusDevice *dev, target_phys_addr_t addr);
struct SysBusDevice {
DeviceState qdev;
int num_irq;
qemu_irq irqs[QDEV_MAX_IRQ];
qemu_irq *irqp[QDEV_MAX_IRQ];
int num_mmio;
struct {
target_phys_addr_t addr;
target_phys_addr_t size;
mmio_mapfunc cb;
ram_addr_t iofunc;
} mmio[QDEV_MAX_MMIO];
int num_pio;
pio_addr_t pio[QDEV_MAX_PIO];
typedef int (*sysbus_initfn)(SysBusDevice *dev);
/* Macros to compensate for lack of type inheritance in C. */
#define sysbus_from_qdev(dev) ((SysBusDevice *)(dev))
#define FROM_SYSBUS(type, dev) DO_UPCAST(type, busdev, dev)
typedef struct {
DeviceInfo qdev;
sysbus_initfn init;
} SysBusDeviceInfo;
void sysbus_register_dev(const char *name, size_t size, sysbus_initfn init);
void sysbus_register_withprop(SysBusDeviceInfo *info);
void *sysbus_new(void);
void sysbus_init_mmio(SysBusDevice *dev, target_phys_addr_t size,
ram_addr_t iofunc);
void sysbus_init_mmio_cb(SysBusDevice *dev, target_phys_addr_t size,
mmio_mapfunc cb);
void sysbus_init_irq(SysBusDevice *dev, qemu_irq *p);
void sysbus_pass_irq(SysBusDevice *dev, SysBusDevice *target);
void sysbus_init_ioports(SysBusDevice *dev, pio_addr_t ioport, pio_addr_t size);
void sysbus_connect_irq(SysBusDevice *dev, int n, qemu_irq irq);
void sysbus_mmio_map(SysBusDevice *dev, int n, target_phys_addr_t addr);
/* Legacy helper function for creating devices. */
DeviceState *sysbus_create_varargs(const char *name,
target_phys_addr_t addr, ...);
static inline DeviceState *sysbus_create_simple(const char *name,
target_phys_addr_t addr,
qemu_irq irq)
return sysbus_create_varargs(name, addr, irq, NULL);
#endif /* !HW_SYSBUS_H */
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