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#include "def-helper.h"
DEF_HELPER_0(ldtlb, void)
DEF_HELPER_0(raise_illegal_instruction, void)
DEF_HELPER_0(raise_slot_illegal_instruction, void)
DEF_HELPER_0(raise_fpu_disable, void)
DEF_HELPER_0(raise_slot_fpu_disable, void)
DEF_HELPER_0(debug, void)
DEF_HELPER_1(sleep, void, i32)
DEF_HELPER_1(trapa, void, i32)
DEF_HELPER_2(movcal, void, i32, i32)
DEF_HELPER_0(discard_movcal_backup, void)
DEF_HELPER_1(ocbi, void, i32)
DEF_HELPER_2(addv, i32, i32, i32)
DEF_HELPER_2(addc, i32, i32, i32)
DEF_HELPER_2(subv, i32, i32, i32)
DEF_HELPER_2(subc, i32, i32, i32)
DEF_HELPER_2(div1, i32, i32, i32)
DEF_HELPER_2(macl, void, i32, i32)
DEF_HELPER_2(macw, void, i32, i32)
DEF_HELPER_1(ld_fpscr, void, i32)
DEF_HELPER_1(fabs_FT, i32, i32)
DEF_HELPER_1(fabs_DT, i64, i64)
DEF_HELPER_2(fadd_FT, i32, i32, i32)
DEF_HELPER_2(fadd_DT, i64, i64, i64)
DEF_HELPER_1(fcnvsd_FT_DT, i64, i32)
DEF_HELPER_1(fcnvds_DT_FT, i32, i64)
DEF_HELPER_2(fcmp_eq_FT, void, i32, i32)
DEF_HELPER_2(fcmp_eq_DT, void, i64, i64)
DEF_HELPER_2(fcmp_gt_FT, void, i32, i32)
DEF_HELPER_2(fcmp_gt_DT, void, i64, i64)
DEF_HELPER_2(fdiv_FT, i32, i32, i32)
DEF_HELPER_2(fdiv_DT, i64, i64, i64)
DEF_HELPER_1(float_FT, i32, i32)
DEF_HELPER_1(float_DT, i64, i32)
DEF_HELPER_3(fmac_FT, i32, i32, i32, i32)
DEF_HELPER_2(fmul_FT, i32, i32, i32)
DEF_HELPER_2(fmul_DT, i64, i64, i64)
DEF_HELPER_1(fneg_T, i32, i32)
DEF_HELPER_2(fsub_FT, i32, i32, i32)
DEF_HELPER_2(fsub_DT, i64, i64, i64)
DEF_HELPER_1(fsqrt_FT, i32, i32)
DEF_HELPER_1(fsqrt_DT, i64, i64)
DEF_HELPER_1(ftrc_FT, i32, i32)
DEF_HELPER_1(ftrc_DT, i32, i64)
DEF_HELPER_2(fipr, void, i32, i32)
DEF_HELPER_1(ftrv, void, i32)
#include "def-helper.h"
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