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- SeaBIOS (bios.bin) is the successor of pc bios.
See for more information.
- The VGA BIOS and the Cirrus VGA BIOS come from the LGPL VGA bios
project (
- The PowerPC Open Hack'Ware Open Firmware Compatible BIOS is
available at
- OpenBIOS ( is a free (GPL v2) portable
firmware implementation. The goal is to implement a 100% IEEE
1275-1994 (referred to as Open Firmware) compliant firmware.
The included image for PowerPC (for 32 and 64 bit PPC CPUs), Sparc32
and Sparc64 are built from OpenBIOS SVN revision 1018.
- The PXE roms come from Rom-o-Matic gPXE 0.9.9 with BANNER_TIMEOUT=0
e1000 8086:100E
eepro100 8086:1209 (also used for 8086:1229 and 8086:2449)
ns8390 1050:0940
pcnet32 1022:2000
rtl8139 10ec:8139
virtio 1af4:1000
- The S390 zipl loader is an addition to the official IBM s390-tools
package. That fork is maintained in its own git repository at:
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