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/* tcg-runtime.c */
int32_t tcg_helper_div_i32(int32_t arg1, int32_t arg2);
int32_t tcg_helper_rem_i32(int32_t arg1, int32_t arg2);
uint32_t tcg_helper_divu_i32(uint32_t arg1, uint32_t arg2);
uint32_t tcg_helper_remu_i32(uint32_t arg1, uint32_t arg2);
int64_t tcg_helper_shl_i64(int64_t arg1, int64_t arg2);
int64_t tcg_helper_shr_i64(int64_t arg1, int64_t arg2);
int64_t tcg_helper_sar_i64(int64_t arg1, int64_t arg2);
int64_t tcg_helper_div_i64(int64_t arg1, int64_t arg2);
int64_t tcg_helper_rem_i64(int64_t arg1, int64_t arg2);
uint64_t tcg_helper_divu_i64(uint64_t arg1, uint64_t arg2);
uint64_t tcg_helper_remu_i64(uint64_t arg1, uint64_t arg2);
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