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#ifndef HW_ISA_H
#define HW_ISA_H
/* ISA bus */
#include "ioport.h"
#include "qdev.h"
typedef struct ISABus ISABus;
typedef struct ISADevice ISADevice;
typedef struct ISADeviceInfo ISADeviceInfo;
struct ISADevice {
DeviceState qdev;
uint32_t isairq[2];
int nirqs;
uint16_t ioports[32];
int nioports;
typedef int (*isa_qdev_initfn)(ISADevice *dev);
struct ISADeviceInfo {
DeviceInfo qdev;
isa_qdev_initfn init;
ISABus *isa_bus_new(DeviceState *dev);
void isa_bus_irqs(qemu_irq *irqs);
qemu_irq isa_get_irq(int isairq);
void isa_init_irq(ISADevice *dev, qemu_irq *p, int isairq);
void isa_init_ioport(ISADevice *dev, uint16_t ioport);
void isa_init_ioport_range(ISADevice *dev, uint16_t start, uint16_t length);
void isa_qdev_register(ISADeviceInfo *info);
ISADevice *isa_create(const char *name);
ISADevice *isa_create_simple(const char *name);
extern target_phys_addr_t isa_mem_base;
void isa_mmio_init(target_phys_addr_t base, target_phys_addr_t size);
/* dma.c */
int DMA_get_channel_mode (int nchan);
int DMA_read_memory (int nchan, void *buf, int pos, int size);
int DMA_write_memory (int nchan, void *buf, int pos, int size);
void DMA_hold_DREQ (int nchan);
void DMA_release_DREQ (int nchan);
void DMA_schedule(int nchan);
void DMA_init(int high_page_enable, qemu_irq *cpu_request_exit);
void DMA_register_channel (int nchan,
DMA_transfer_handler transfer_handler,
void *opaque);
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