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* This header files is private to pci.c and pci_bridge.c
* So following structures are opaque to others and shouldn't be
* accessed.
* For pci-to-pci bridge needs to include this header file to embed
* PCIBridge in its structure or to get sizeof(PCIBridge),
* However, they shouldn't access those following members directly.
* Use accessor function in pci.h, pci_bridge.h
extern struct BusInfo pci_bus_info;
struct PCIBus {
BusState qbus;
int devfn_min;
pci_set_irq_fn set_irq;
pci_map_irq_fn map_irq;
pci_hotplug_fn hotplug;
DeviceState *hotplug_qdev;
void *irq_opaque;
PCIDevice *devices[256];
PCIDevice *parent_dev;
target_phys_addr_t mem_base;
QLIST_HEAD(, PCIBus) child; /* this will be replaced by qdev later */
QLIST_ENTRY(PCIBus) sibling;/* this will be replaced by qdev later */
/* The bus IRQ state is the logical OR of the connected devices.
Keep a count of the number of devices with raised IRQs. */
int nirq;
int *irq_count;
struct PCIBridge {
PCIDevice dev;
/* private member */
PCIBus sec_bus;
pci_map_irq_fn map_irq;
const char *bus_name;
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