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#ifndef VHOST_H
#define VHOST_H
#include "hw/hw.h"
#include "hw/virtio.h"
/* Generic structures common for any vhost based device. */
struct vhost_virtqueue {
int kick;
int call;
void *desc;
void *avail;
void *used;
int num;
unsigned long long used_phys;
unsigned used_size;
void *ring;
unsigned long long ring_phys;
unsigned ring_size;
typedef unsigned long vhost_log_chunk_t;
#define VHOST_LOG_PAGE 0x1000
#define VHOST_LOG_BITS (8 * sizeof(vhost_log_chunk_t))
struct vhost_memory;
struct vhost_dev {
CPUPhysMemoryClient client;
int control;
struct vhost_memory *mem;
struct vhost_virtqueue *vqs;
int nvqs;
unsigned long long features;
unsigned long long acked_features;
unsigned long long backend_features;
bool started;
bool log_enabled;
vhost_log_chunk_t *log;
unsigned long long log_size;
bool force;
int vhost_dev_init(struct vhost_dev *hdev, int devfd, bool force);
void vhost_dev_cleanup(struct vhost_dev *hdev);
bool vhost_dev_query(struct vhost_dev *hdev, VirtIODevice *vdev);
int vhost_dev_start(struct vhost_dev *hdev, VirtIODevice *vdev);
void vhost_dev_stop(struct vhost_dev *hdev, VirtIODevice *vdev);
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