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#ifndef QEMU_HW_XEN_H
#define QEMU_HW_XEN_H 1
* public xen header
* stuff needed outside xen-*.c, i.e. interfaces to qemu.
* must not depend on any xen headers being present in
* /usr/include/xen, so it can be included unconditionally.
#include <inttypes.h>
/* xen-machine.c */
enum xen_mode {
XEN_EMULATE = 0, // xen emulation, using xenner (default)
XEN_CREATE, // create xen domain
XEN_ATTACH // attach to xen domain created by xend
extern uint32_t xen_domid;
extern enum xen_mode xen_mode;
#endif /* QEMU_HW_XEN_H */
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