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#ifndef QEMU_RANGE_H
#define QEMU_RANGE_H
/* Get last byte of a range from offset + length.
* Undefined for ranges that wrap around 0. */
static inline uint64_t range_get_last(uint64_t offset, uint64_t len)
return offset + len - 1;
/* Check whether a given range covers a given byte. */
static inline int range_covers_byte(uint64_t offset, uint64_t len,
uint64_t byte)
return offset <= byte && byte <= range_get_last(offset, len);
/* Check whether 2 given ranges overlap.
* Undefined if ranges that wrap around 0. */
static inline int ranges_overlap(uint64_t first1, uint64_t len1,
uint64_t first2, uint64_t len2)
uint64_t last1 = range_get_last(first1, len1);
uint64_t last2 = range_get_last(first2, len2);
return !(last2 < first1 || last1 < first2);
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