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#include "qemu-timer.h"
/* Helpers for instruction counting code generation. */
static TCGArg *icount_arg;
static int icount_label;
static inline void gen_icount_start(void)
TCGv_i32 count;
if (!use_icount)
icount_label = gen_new_label();
count = tcg_temp_local_new_i32();
tcg_gen_ld_i32(count, cpu_env, offsetof(CPUState, icount_decr.u32));
/* This is a horrid hack to allow fixing up the value later. */
icount_arg = gen_opparam_ptr + 1;
tcg_gen_subi_i32(count, count, 0xdeadbeef);
tcg_gen_brcondi_i32(TCG_COND_LT, count, 0, icount_label);
tcg_gen_st16_i32(count, cpu_env, offsetof(CPUState, icount_decr.u16.low));
static void gen_icount_end(TranslationBlock *tb, int num_insns)
if (use_icount) {
*icount_arg = num_insns;
tcg_gen_exit_tb((long)tb + 2);
static inline void gen_io_start(void)
TCGv_i32 tmp = tcg_const_i32(1);
tcg_gen_st_i32(tmp, cpu_env, offsetof(CPUState, can_do_io));
static inline void gen_io_end(void)
TCGv_i32 tmp = tcg_const_i32(0);
tcg_gen_st_i32(tmp, cpu_env, offsetof(CPUState, can_do_io));
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