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#ifndef APIC_H
#define APIC_H
#include "qemu-common.h"
/* apic.c */
void apic_deliver_irq(uint8_t dest, uint8_t dest_mode,
uint8_t delivery_mode,
uint8_t vector_num, uint8_t polarity,
uint8_t trigger_mode);
int apic_accept_pic_intr(DeviceState *s);
void apic_deliver_pic_intr(DeviceState *s, int level);
int apic_get_interrupt(DeviceState *s);
void apic_reset_irq_delivered(void);
int apic_get_irq_delivered(void);
void apic_set_irq_delivered(void);
void cpu_set_apic_base(DeviceState *s, uint64_t val);
uint64_t cpu_get_apic_base(DeviceState *s);
void cpu_set_apic_tpr(DeviceState *s, uint8_t val);
uint8_t cpu_get_apic_tpr(DeviceState *s);
void apic_init_reset(DeviceState *s);
void apic_sipi(DeviceState *s);
/* pc.c */
int cpu_is_bsp(CPUState *env);
DeviceState *cpu_get_current_apic(void);
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