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#ifndef __QEMU_THREAD_H
#define __QEMU_THREAD_H 1
#include "semaphore.h"
#include "pthread.h"
struct QemuMutex {
pthread_mutex_t lock;
struct QemuCond {
pthread_cond_t cond;
struct QemuThread {
pthread_t thread;
typedef struct QemuMutex QemuMutex;
typedef struct QemuCond QemuCond;
typedef struct QemuThread QemuThread;
void qemu_mutex_init(QemuMutex *mutex);
void qemu_mutex_destroy(QemuMutex *mutex);
void qemu_mutex_lock(QemuMutex *mutex);
int qemu_mutex_trylock(QemuMutex *mutex);
int qemu_mutex_timedlock(QemuMutex *mutex, uint64_t msecs);
void qemu_mutex_unlock(QemuMutex *mutex);
void qemu_cond_init(QemuCond *cond);
void qemu_cond_destroy(QemuCond *cond);
void qemu_cond_signal(QemuCond *cond);
void qemu_cond_broadcast(QemuCond *cond);
void qemu_cond_wait(QemuCond *cond, QemuMutex *mutex);
int qemu_cond_timedwait(QemuCond *cond, QemuMutex *mutex, uint64_t msecs);
void qemu_thread_create(QemuThread *thread,
void *(*start_routine)(void*),
void *arg);
void qemu_thread_signal(QemuThread *thread, int sig);
void qemu_thread_self(QemuThread *thread);
int qemu_thread_equal(QemuThread *thread1, QemuThread *thread2);
void qemu_thread_exit(void *retval);
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