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#ifndef IORANGE_H
#define IORANGE_H
#include <stdint.h>
typedef struct IORange IORange;
typedef struct IORangeOps IORangeOps;
struct IORangeOps {
void (*read)(IORange *iorange, uint64_t offset, unsigned width,
uint64_t *data);
void (*write)(IORange *iorange, uint64_t offset, unsigned width,
uint64_t data);
struct IORange {
const IORangeOps *ops;
uint64_t base;
uint64_t len;
static inline void iorange_init(IORange *iorange, const IORangeOps *ops,
uint64_t base, uint64_t len)
iorange->ops = ops;
iorange->base = base;
iorange->len = len;
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