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* Support passing data into stdin
* Do another read after SIGCHLD
* Clean up code
* stderr buffer overflow race:
make test/run-tests && ./test/run-tests spawn_sync_stderr_overflow spawn_sync_stderr_overflow
make: `test/run-tests' is up to date.
r: 0 85339
spawn.stdout_read: 7
spawn.stdout_size: 1024
spawn.stdout: stdout
spawn.stderr_read: 1
spawn.stderr_size: 1
spawn.stderr: s
spawn.exit_timeout: 0
spawn.exit_code: 0
spawn.exit_signal: -1
uv_last_error_name: OK
Assertion failed in test/test-spawn-sync.c on line 194: r == -1
Abort trap
* Comment struct in header (input values, vs. output values), general description
* Stub out uv_spawn_sync() in src/win/process.c with assert(0 && "implement me");
* Add test file to uv.gyp and test it (instructions in readme)
* stdout_stderr -> rename to proper spawn helper
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